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Herman James Borden Jr. aka CigNaGa
Born on May 25, 1984, in Torrance, California


    CigNaGa (pronounced: sig-na-ja) is an emcee/producer and songwriter from Downey California, who started off as a member of the local group the "City Limit Rydaz," with nephew Lil' Get Down and childhood friend and group leader Lil' Chewy. The young trio made music from 2004 to 2010 supporting each other's creativity and honing their skills at rapping, mixing, beat making and songwriting. CigNaGa's name is a tweak derived from the word signature, which he made into his very own slang term meaning his trademark sound. He gives spectators and listeners alike a smooth, aggressive, but an intellectual sound over traditional or sample-heavy boom-bap type productions, with presenting his message that goes against the status quo. His music styles are influenced by legendary Hip-Hoper's such as Xzibit, Elzhi, DJ Quik, Talib Kweli, Slum Village, Murs, Little Brother, Mobb Deep, Hi-Tek, Black Milk, Immortal Technique, Apollo Brown, Ras Kass, Nas, and many more.     

    After going solo in late 2011, CigNaGa wrote his very first studio album "Full Fledge" that he released

in early 2012 under the new label "Mental Rich Entertainment," alongside his nephew and former manager J.T. Da God. "Full Fledge" is currently known as an instant classic and hidden gem within the Hip-Hop community with clever wordplay, slick punchlines, rapid delivery, and beat clarity. In late 2014 CigNaGa released his second album "Calligraphy" which is a unique spin-off producing the entire album with instrumentals only. By submitting one of his songs titled the "Ultimate Showdown" to DJ Symphony's "Wu-Invasion Mixtape Series," CigNaGa earned his very first platinum plaque with the mixtape receiving over 5 million downloads going multi-platinum! With his ideology, he wants to freely create music in his very own traditional sense following his convictions with group members Lejend and Get Down the Great (former name Lil' Get Down) known as the "Cynical MCz" as they navigate and strive to make their way to the top, in the world of the hip-hop underground.



Mental Rich Entertainment

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